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To support the widely-used SAML SSO standard, we’ve added another SAML Identity Provider to the platform. Now, with a single click, you may log in to your Fluig Identity account and into GoodData using the Fluig Identity. To learn more about SAML SSO in GoodData in general, read the Okta article.

As in the Okta SSO integration, we support Identity Provider Initiated scenario in the Fluig SSO.

Configuring Fluig Identity and GoodData

To configure Fluig Identity - GoodData SSO, you have to set up your Fluig account and connect it to the GoodData. Some assistance from GoodData support is mandatory here. You need to send us your Identity Provider Metadata. Follow this tutorial to learn more.

When you sign up and login to Fluig, you can download the IDP metadata. (Note: metadata is specific for your company). Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Identity as an admin
  2. Mouse over the briefcase icon & select Apps
  3. Search for GoodData and select it
  4. Download Fluig Identity IDP Metadata.

Send the Metadata to and once we finish the integration you will be able to assign users to GoodData app directly inside Fluig Indentity.

User provisioning

Fluig & GoodData Single Sign-On is properly set up. Final step is user provisioning. You can provision users in Fluig App and assign GoodData App to them. Remember that there is no automatic provisioning system and you have to provision users on both sides. This will be changed in the future and we will definitely implement automatic provisioning mechanism.

You can use GoodData user provisioning API to create users in GoodData. Remember that you have to set up correct SSO Provider to each user. Our Support team will tell you the identifier during the implementation process. Then you will be simply able to use following in the user provisioning payload:

“SSO Provider” : “your-sso-provider-identifier”

Let us know how it works!