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For Editors and Administrators

 Create a dashboard with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and insights to let your users always stay informed on the most important data.

Use a KPI dashboard to:

  • Track how a KPI is changed over time and compare it to previous periods.
  • Set alerts to a KPI and get notified when the KPI value reaches the set threshold.
  • Link a KPI to another dashboard that provides more detailed information on the KPI.
  • Have the most important insights right next to your KPIs to have a better overview of your business processes.

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  • The KPI dashboard is available for Direct customers.
    If you are a Powered by GoodData customer and want to use the KPI dashboard, contact GoodData Support.
  • To be able to add insights to the KPI dashboard, you should have Analytical Designer enabled. If you do not have Analytical Designer and want to enable it, contact GoodData Support.

How to Work with the KPI Dashboard

The following is a common workflow of working with a KPI dashboard:

  1. Set up a new KPI dashboard.
  2. When you have a KPI dashboard in place, add alerts to the KPIs that you want to be informed about.
  3. Periodically, review your KPI dashboards and alerts, and update them as needed:
  4. Add more dashboards whenever needed.
  5. (Optional) When you do not need a KPI dashboard, delete the KPI dashboard.

Additionally, you can embed the KPI dashboard into your own product.


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