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GoodData Portal

To assemble the metrics, reports, and dashboards in your GoodData projects, use is the GoodData Portal.

After you login and select your project, you can begin building the metrics to use in your reports and add and configure the reports that appear in the dashboards available to all project users.

To get started with the GoodData Portal:

Multi-Dimension Analytics Query Language (MAQL)

MAQL is the querying language used to generate metrics from the project's datastore. In most cases, metrics can be built through the GoodData Portal wizard-based interface. The output of these metrics is typically a single MAQL SELECT statement.

For more complex calculations, you must build custom queries using the MAQL syntax. In the Advanced Metric Editor, you can manually build MAQL SELECT statements and chain them together to create sophisticated metrics.

This version of MAQL is MAQL DQL (Data Querying Language). The other version of MAQL, DDL (Data Definition Language), is used to specify the logical data model for the project. In most cases, MAQL DDL statements are defined and submitted through the LDM Modeler in CloudConnect Designer.

To get started with MAQL DQL: