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This article is part of the Powered By GoodData Tutorial. Some aspects may not apply to other implementation scenarios.

In real-life scenarios ofl Powered By GoodData implementation, you are likely to spend more time in requirements gathering and data analysis, so that you and your implementation team can generate a flexible and efficient logical data model and ETL graphs to match.


Powered By GoodData Documentation

Powered By GoodData Implementation Guide. This guide provides step-by-step instructions for implementing Powered By GoodData solutions, including requirements gathering, data analysis, wireframing, implementation, and rollout. For more information on acquiring this document, please contact GoodData Customer Support.

Powered By GoodData Project Change Management Guide. After your projects have been launched, you can use this document to manage changes to your customer's projects without disturbing the user experience. For more information on acquiring this document, please contact GoodData Customer Support.

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You may also benefit by exploring additional example projects available in the Developer Portal.

For more information, see CloudConnect Example Projects.

Additional Resources

  • GoodData Developer Portal: In addition to this tutorial, the Developer Portal contains a large library of additional useful information about GoodData implementation. Feel free to explore using navigation or search.
  • GoodData Support Portal: For access to more customer documentation, the user community, and GoodData Customer Support, please visit the GoodData Customer Support Portal.
  • GoodData University: GoodData offers a range of online training courses, many of which focus on technical topics and implementation workflow. For more information, please visit the GoodData University.
  • GoodData Services: As needed, GoodData can provide expert services to fill in any gaps in your implementation team or technical skills. For more information, please contact GoodData Account Management.