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This article is part of the Powered By GoodData Tutorial. Some aspects may not apply to other implementation scenarios.

Before you begin automated provisioning of a large number of projects, please file a Support ticket indicating your intentions. The response should be with 24 hours. Please visit GoodData Customer Support.

Execute Project Provisioning

After creating the project, ETL, and user provisioning, you should execute the script to provision your customer projects. This script should reference the project template as part of each request.

Provisioning of these projects must be executed through the organization owner account.

Verify Executed Project Provisioning

To verify creation of a set of projects, you can use the following API, which returns a list of all projects available to the requesting account ({user-id}):


The returned list contains a list formatted like the following:

200 (OK)
	Content-Type: application/json

	"projects" : [
			"project" : {
				"content" : {
					"guidedNavigation" : "1",
					"isPublic" : "0",
					"state" : "ENABLED"
				"links" : {
					"roles" : "/gdc/projects/PROJECT_ID/roles",
					"ldm_thumbnail" : "/gdc/projects/PROJECT_ID/ldm?thumbnail=1",
					"userPermissions" : "/gdc/projects/PROJECT_ID_/users/PROFILE_ID/permissions",
					"userRoles" : "/gdc/projects/PROJECT_ID/users/PROFILE_ID/roles",
					"connectors" : "/gdc/projects/PROJECT_ID/connectors",
					"self" : "/gdc/projects/PROJECT_ID",
					"invitations" : "/gdc/projects/PROJECT_ID/invitations",
					"users" : "/gdc/projects/PROJECT_ID/users",
					"ldm" : "/gdc/projects/PROJECT_ID/ldm",
					"metadata" : "/gdc/md/PROJECT_ID",
					"publicartifacts" : "/gdc/projects/PROJECT_ID/publicartifacts",
					"templates" : "/gdc/md/PROJECT_ID/templates"
				"meta" : {
					"created" : "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS",
					"summary" : "Project Summary",
					"updated" : "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS",
					"author" : "/gdc/account/profile/PROFILE_ID",
					"title" : "Your Project Name",
					"contributor" : "/gdc/account/profile/PROFILE_ID"
		} ]

For each project, you should retain the title value and the set of links for future reference.

For more information, see project API.


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