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This topic is part of the tutorial that is intended for developers who plan to work on data models and ETL using CloudConnect.

If you are interested in creating reports, dashboards, or metrics, start here.

Congratulations, you’ve completed the getting started tutorial!

The following sections contain some ideas and general information for how to extend the Twitter Demo project:

Extending the Twitter Search API project

Use Your Own Developer Application

The example project references a Twitter developer application provided by GoodData. At some point, this application may no longer work due to excessive users, deprecation, or other changes. If you intend to extend this project, you should revise the project to reference your own Twitter developer application. For more information, see Analyzing Twitter Search.

Capturing Tweets about Your Enterprise

The provided example extracts tweets from the public Twitter Search API that reference gooddata. It is possible to capture tweet data for your own enterprise.

For step-by-step instructions on how to customize the Twitter Search API example project to gather tweets applicable to your organization, see Analyzing Twitter Search.

Capturing More Tweet Data

When the Twitter Search API graph is executed, the most recent 100 tweets are posted to the project as the entire dataset for it. However, it’d be more useful if you could capture more of your enterprise’s tweet history.

For more information, see Capturing More Twitter Search API Data.

Quick Start Guide for Powered By GoodData

For Powered By GoodData customers, there are additional technical skills to master to publish an existing project to multiple separate customer projects. The Quick Start Guide briefly steps through the technical tasks that need to be completed for a successful Powered By GoodData implementation.

For more information, see Powered by GoodData Tutorials.

Additional Resources


GoodData offers a variety of technical training courses to extend your knowledge of project implementation, CloudConnect Designer, data modeling, and MAQL.

For more information, please visit GoodData University.


Manuals and GuidesCustomer documentsOnline help

GoodData API Documentation

Documentation for the GoodData REST APIs

API Documentation

Portals and Interfaces

GoodData provides multiple methods for accessing your projects. For more information, see the Downloads page.