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GoodData users access analytics through the GoodData Portal, an intuitive and secure web interface purpose-built for querying and displaying analytics reporting.

  • The Portal utilizes common web standards and is built on JavaScript, AJAX, and HTML.
  • You access the Portal from modern browser via PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Portal functionality can be embedded into other applications, so your enterprise reports and dashboards can appear within the context of the applications your user community is comfortable using.

If Single Sign On is required, the GoodData Portal can integrate with your enterprise SSO solution, or you can use the GoodData SSO solution.

GoodData offers a white labeling service, in which GoodData branding is removed or replaced by your enterprise's branding elements. For more information about white labeling, see White Label Your Domain

Client Architecture

The web client features good security measures, a modest footprint, and no additional installation. This pure JavaScript client interacts with the GoodData Platform using REST API calls and periodically updates itself through asynchronous polling.

The web client features a model/view/controller architecture.

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