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To access a trial of the GoodData Enterprise Insights Platform, reach out to us and we will put you in contact with a GoodData expert who can help personalize your trial run to best match your business needs.

Free trial prerequisites:

Step 1: Register with GoodData

Go to the GoodData Registration page and fill in the required details.

Step 2: Acquire your project identifier

  1. Log in to the GoodData Portal at
  2. From the Project drop-down, select your project.
    The project identifier is included in the URL following the {projects/}.
    Suppose your URL is the following:|projectDashboardPage||
  3. The project identifier is the following value: njy3r40rc9s4jvrm0y9cqyfghxlo1osu

Step 3: Use your Project Identifier to access the Gray Pages

Add the project identifier to following string in your browser:{project_ID}/

where {project_ID} is the identifier found in the step above.

Step 4: Get your Authorization Token

Find your "authorizationToken" in the information displayed on the GoodData Resource page.

You can use this authorization token to build your trial project.