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This article discusses options for disabling and deleting users within the GoodData platform and individual projects.


Disable a User

Disable Users by navigating to Manage->Project & Users and disabling the desired user.

Delete a User from a Workspace/Project

The only way to remove the user from just one project is via GoodData API:

To clarify this document all you need to do when removing a user from a project, you just need to use the http method delete to resource and then the string:

You must have the "canSuspendUser" permission in the project from which you want to delete a user.

Delete a User from the GoodData Platform

Users can be removed from the GoodData platform completely via API. For more information, see API - Delete a User.

This action can only be executed by the Domain administrator.

Find a User ID

You can find a user ID via one of the following three methods:

From the GoodData client

  1. Navigate to Manage->Project & Users.

  2. Click on the user you would like to get the ID for and check the URI.

For example:{project_id}|profilePage|/gdc/account/profile/{user_id}

From the GoodData gray pages

For example:{project_id}/users?link=1&offset=0&limit=100

If the user you are looking for is not on the list change the offset=0&limit=100 to a higher value in the URI.

Via GoodData API

Use the API for listing all users in a project or getting information about a user.

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