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In CloudConnect Designer, a common use case involves extracting data from a local database and uploading it to your GoodData project. This development process can be impacted by any firewalls in place to protect your internal database.


To facilitate connectivity to resources behind enterprise firewall systems, CloudConnect Designer includes a secured proxy so that all external traffic is passed through a single address. Since CloudConnect Designer is consistently reaching out to your local database from a consistent address, you can easily implement a CloudConnect reference in the whitelists of your local systems.


Whitelisted IP addresses

To enable CloudConnect whitelisting, please add the following IP addresses to your firewall:

The IP address is no longer valid as of March 15, 2014. Add to your firewall settings immediately to prevent service interruption.

IP addressDescription
For, NA Datacenter
For, EU Datacenter
For, CA Datacenter

Common Database Ports

Below, you can see the specific ports used by common database engines. Depending on the installed database, these ports need to be enabled for communication between CloudConnect Designer and the database:

1433, 1434Microsoft SQL Server
3050Firebird, Interbase
5349Amazon Redshift JDBC driver
5432, 5433PostgreSQL


  • For more information on supported integrations, see GoodData Data Sources (PDF).
  • For more information, please contact GoodData Customer Support.

GoodData Connection Ports

For more information on GoodData ports see Ports Used to Connect to GoodData.