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By default, GoodData sizes attribute labels to be a maximum of 128 characters in length. In some cases, however, this length is insufficient. For example, if the attribute label is used to store URLs, then 128 characters may not be enough space to store a full URL or URI.

This article provides information for how to modify the attribute label length in your project.

The maximum permitted length for attribute label values is 10000 characters.

This modification can be performed through CloudConnect Designer or through the gray pages.

Changing attribute label length via CloudConnect Designer

Please complete the following steps to change the attribute label length in CloudConnect Designer.


  1. Open CloudConnect Designer.
  2. Open the project containing the attribute whose length you wish to modify.
  3. Open the logical data model file. Select the dataset containing the attribute label.
  4. In the Attributes and Facts window, click the Show Datatypes checkbox.
  5. Select the attribute label. Then, select the Datatypes column for the attribute label. Click the Browse… button.
  6. In the Select Datatypes window, verify that the Text radio button has been selected. Then, enter a new value for the attribute label length.

    The maximum label length is 10000 characters.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Save the LDM file.
  9. Publish the updated LDM to your project.

Changing attribute label length via gray pages

To make these changes, you must apply a MAQL DDL statement through the gray pages of your project. The gray pages are a form-based wrapper around the GoodData APIs. Changes made through the gray pages are applied directly to the project definition, including the logical data model, and cannot be reverted.

 If you are not comfortable making these modifications, please contact GoodData Customer Support.


  1. Login to the GoodData Portal.
  2. Select your project from the Project drop-down.
  3. Access the gray pages for your project. For more information, see Accessing gray pages for a project.
  4. Navigate the gray pages to the following location: project > metadata > ldm > manage2.
  5. In the textbox, apply the following MAQL DDL statement, which changes the maximum length of IMAGE.LABEL.NAME for ATTRIBUTE.NAME to 255:
  6. Your screen should look similar to the following:
  7. Click Submit. The attribute label’s maximum length is updated.

You should verify the change by sending in a sample test dataset through CloudConnect Designer.