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Analytical Designer is an environment for data discovery and visualization.

Drag and drop measures and attributes onto interactive zones to:

  • Create insights (charts, graphs, and tables)
  • Slice the data
  • Filter the data
  • Change the way it is visualized

Insights change dynamically with each click, enabling you to play with your data. Analytical Designer also recommends best practices and next steps.

Overview of the Analytical Designer interface

  1.  Attributes represent qualitative data (categories).
  2.  Measures represent quantitative data.
  3. Choose how to visualize your data.
  4. Drag data from this list to any active drop zone the canvas to start creating your visualization.
  5. Drag data from these zones back to the list to remove them from your visualization.
  6. Drag the Date or any attribute here to filter your data.
  7. Recommendations help you get more value from your visualization.
  8. Navigate between steps or clear your visualization.
  9. Open, save, and delete your visualization in the Report Editor to save it.
To upload your own data to the project, click Production data → Load your file here to upload a CSV file with your data.

To learn how to work with the Analytical Designer, review the following sections:

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