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Access the GoodData Analytics Distribution Platform free for 30 days.


Do you want to see the GoodData platform in action?

Get started delivering insights that will transform your organization by completing the following steps:

  1. Register with GoodData.
  2. Acquire your project identifier.
  3. Use your project identifier to access the Gray Pages.
  4. Get your Authorization Token.

Step 1: Register with GoodData

Go to the GoodData Registration page and fill in the required details.

Step 2: Acquire your project identifier

  1. Log in to the GoodData Portal at
  2. From the Project drop-down, select your project.
    The project identifier is included in the URL following the {projects/}.
    Suppose your URL is the following:|projectDashboardPage||
  3. The project identifier is the following value: njy3r40rc9s4jvrm0y9cqyfghxlo1osu

Step 3: Use your Project Identifier to access the Gray Pages

Add the project identifier to following string in your browser:{project_ID}/

where {project_ID} is the identifier found in the step above.

Step 4: Get your Authorization Token

Find your "authorizationToken" in the information displayed on the GoodData Resource page.

You can use this authorization token to build your trial project.

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