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Embedding Analytical Designer creates an version of Analytical Designer minus all GoodData branding and platform functions (open as report, CSV Uploader) for use in your own product.

Create a URL for Embedding Analytical Designer

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the GoodData Platform.
  2. Click the Analyze tab.
  3. Check the URL in the browser bar. For example:{project_id}/reportId/edit
  4. Add the string /embedded/ into the URL after /analyze/.
    For example:{project_id}/reportId/edit
  5. (Only when you have tags assigned to attributesmeasuresfacts, or date datasets) If you want to configure hiding and displaying attributes, measures, or dates based on tags, add either of the following parameters to the URL:

    ?includeObjectsWithTags=[tag_name] - to show only the attributes, measures, facts, and dates with the specified tag
    ?excludeObjectsWithTags=[tag_name] - to hide the attributes, measures, facts, and dates with the specified tag{project_id}/reportId/edit?includeObjectsWithTags=[sales]{project_id}/reportId/edit?excludeObjectsWithTags=[marketing,hr]

    Do not specify both the parameters at the same time. If you do, only the includeObjectsWithTags parameter is applied, and the includeObjectsWithTags parameter is ignored.
    You can specify more than one tag by separating them with a comma.

    Hiding and displaying attributes, measures, facts, and dates is not a security feature. Attributes, measures, facts, and dates are hidden and shown depending on the parameter in the URL, and anyone who can access and edit the URL can change the parameters and display all the attributes, measures, facts, and dates.

    You can now use this completed URL as the basis for embedding Analytical Designer.

Embedding Code Format

The following is an example reference, using the above parameter:

<iframe src="{project_id}/reportId/edit" frameborder="0"></iframe>


Minumum dimension of 1100x575 pixels is required for Analytical Designer to be embedded correctly.

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