Define Filtered Variables

Filtered variables can be used to limit the data that a user can see by filtering for attributes like Region, Department, or Industry. Filtering for Region could be useful for preventing certain users from seeing data that does not pertain to their job. Filtering for Department or Industry could be useful for hiding extraneous data that does not pertain a given team’s activities.

Define a Filtered Variable


  1. Click Manage on the toolbar. The administration page opens.

  2. On the Data tab, click Variables. The list of all workspace variables opens.

  3. Click Create Variable.

  4. Enter a name for the variable. Click Ok.

  5. For the variable type, click the Filtered Variable checkbox.

  6. Select the attribute you are interested in filtering.

  7. Select the default attribute values that should be included or excluded from the calculation of a user’s report values. If no default values are set, users can see data associated with any attribute value, including any new attribute values added later to the workspace.

  8. (Optional) Customize the attribute values to be filtered for specific users. Under User-Specific Values, click the Choose link.

  9. To modify values that have already been defined, click the current filtered value next to a user’s name.

  10. When done with configuring the variable, click Save Changes.

Incorporate a Filtered Variable

You can incorporate filtered variables into workspace reports using the following methods:

Add a Variable Filter to a Dashboard

For more information, see Filter for Variables.

VIDEO - How to Set Up Filtered Variables