Discover Attribute Labels and Drill Paths

To access the attributes in your workspace:

  1. Click Manage on the toolbar. The administration page opens.
  2. On the Data tab, click Attributes. The list of all workspace attributes opens.


Edit a label’s type to determine how this attribute can be displayed in a report (or Geo chart widget).

 Labels with the type set to text, link, or image can be selected from the Report Editor's How pane and within attribute filter configurations on a dashboard. They relate to the attribute's appearance in a report.

Labels with the type set to one of the supported geographic regions make an attribute available for use in Geo chart widgets:

  • Geo pushpin

  • Australia States (Name)

  • Australia States (ISO code)

  • US States (Name)

  • US States (2-letter code)

  • US States (US Census ID)

  • US Counties (US Census ID)

  • World Countries (Name)

  • World Countries (ISO a2)

  • World Countries (ISO a3)

  • Czech Districts (Name)

  • Czech Districts (Name without diacritics)

  • Czech Districts (NUTS 4)

  • Czech Districts (KNOK)

  • Brazil States

  • Brazil Municipalities

Drill Down

Note that each attribute’s detail page also provides a drill down option. Here you can set a global drill path that will be available by clicking one of the attribute’s values no matter where it appears in your workspace.

Set a drill down path by choosing an attribute of interest from the Select Drill Attribute dropdown. This is the new attribute across which a report’s metrics will be broken down.* 


VIDEO - How to Rename Attributes/Metrics and Add Descriptions