Determine the Attribute Value ID

Every object in the GoodData platform has its own unique ID. This topic describes how you can find the ID of an attribute value.

Attribute Labels and Attribute Values

An attribute has one or more attribute labels. An attribute label (also known as displayForm) provides a different means of representing an attribute. For example, when you choose a label for the Department attribute, you define how you want the attribute values (the company departments) to be displayed:

  • With their full names: Human Resources, Research and Development, Quality Assurance
  • With their shortened names: HR, RD, QA
  • As numbers from 1 to 3, where 1 is Human Resources, 2 is Research and Development, and 3 is Quality Assurance

Every attribute value has its own unique ID, and it is different from the ID of the attribute itself.

AttributeAttribute LabelAttribute Values



Full names

Human Resources (ID=16)

Research and Development (ID=17)

Quality Assurance (ID=18)

Shortened names

HR (ID=19)

RD (ID=20)

QA (ID=21)


1 (ID=22)

2 (ID=23)

3 (ID=24)

When You Need to Know an Attribute Value ID

You need the ID of an attribute value to set up data permissions (see Data Permissions).

The data permission filter expression looks something like the following:


Example:  You want to filter reports by a specific department for a specific user. You know the name of the department (which is a value of the Department workspace attribute). The name is Research and Development. You need to find out the ID of the Research and Development department (which is the attribute value ID).

Determine the Attribute Value ID

This procedure assumes that you access your workspaces at

If you are a white-labeled customer, replace with your white-labeled domain in the procedure steps.


  1. Log in to the GoodData Portal at

  2. While logged in to the GoodData Portal, go to the following link:<workspace_id>/query/attributes

    The page with the all workspace attributes opens.

  3. Locate and click the attribute whose value ID you want to find out. The page with the attribute JSON scheme is displayed.

  4. If the attribute has multiple labels (that is, multiple displayForms sections), find the one that the attribute label belongs to.

  5. In the selected displayForm section, locate the elements keyword, and click its link. 

     The page with the displayForm section properties, including their attribute values, opens.

  6. Locate the attribute value whose ID you want to find out. The ID keyword in the attribute value URI identifies the value ID. For example, in the following picture, the ID of the attribute value Large is 5557