Managing Workspace Member Profiles

When you select a member of your workspace in the Workspace & Users tab, you can review the profiles of individual workspace members and make some changes to the data they see. For the selected workspace member, available actions include the following:

  • Review contact information and recent activity
  • Review and assign variable values
  • Review Data Permissions filters

Contact Information

At the top of the screen, you can see the user’s GoodData Platform identifier, which is also their contact email address.

Click the email address to email the member in your default email client.

The member’s workspace role is listed below their display name.


In the Variables section, you can specify which variable values to apply to the user’s reports.

Workspace variables can be set to specific values for individual workspace members. They can be applied to one or more reports, enabling workspace Administrators to control or limit aspects of the data displayed to the specified member. For example, if the member is paid commissions at 6%, you can specify a value of 0.06 for the variable Commission, which could be used as a computational element of a report called, My Commissions.

Variables can be created and assigned default values for the workspace. For more information on creating variables, see Manage Variables.

To set the value for a member’s assigned variable, click Set in the Value column for the variable. Enter a value and click Ok.

Data Permissions

In this section, you can review the Data Permissions filters that have been applied to the member.

Data Permissions filters let you apply data access controls based on attribute values to members in the workspace, so that sensitive or inapplicable data is hidden from them.

For more information, see Data Permissions.

Recent Activity

In this area, you can review the recent actions of the user to create, modify, or delete workspace objects.

Some additional statistics on the user’s activity are displayed in the upper-right corner of the page.