GoodData Classic Documentation

From February 24, 2022, the GoodData Enterprise documentation no longer features the content that describes the Pixel-perfect user interface, CloudConnect tool, and some other features that were part of the GoodData Enterprise plan until January 2021.

Instead, those specific features and components will be documented only in the GoodData Classic documentation along with the rest of the platform.

The GoodData Classic documentation will continue to be updated to reflect the ongoing changes to the GoodData platform.

When to use the GoodData Classic documentation

If your user interface features the Pixel-perfect user interface elements (Dashboards, Reports) and/or is followed by the Responsive user interface elements (KPIs, Analyze, Load), you should use the GoodData Classic documentation.

When to use the GoodData Enterprise documentation

If your user interface features the Dashboards, Analyze, Data and Manage tabs, use the GoodData Enterprise documentation.

The documentation for the GoodData pricing plans is available here: