Data Backup

The data on the GoodData platform is backed up daily.

The following data gets backed up:

Workspace Data

Workspaces are backed up daily. However, if there are no changes in your workspace, the backup is not created.

Backup Contents

A workspace backup package includes workspace data and metadata and has the same content as if you would export your workspace. A workspace backup package may include ETL processes. However, we do not guarantee it in any way.

If you change your logical data model, edit an insight or create a new metric, we will backup the workspace metadata only, as these changes do not alter your data.

In the unlikely event of service disruption or other network-wide failure, data is restored to the previous backup. During restoring workspace data, the workspace is moved to a state of DISABLED and cannot be accessed. Once the data is restored, the workspace is moved back to its initial state (by default, ENABLED).

Backup Rules

The following retention rules are applied:

  • For the last 5 calendar days, one backup package per day for a workspace is stored.
  • For the period between 5 days ago and 1 month ago, one backup package per week is stored for a workspace.
  • For the period between 1 month ago and 3 months ago, one backup package per month is stored for a workspace.
  • Backup packages older than 3 months are deleted.
  • Backup packages for a deleted workspace (including backup packages for deleted workspaces of a customer with a terminated contract) are stored for 44 calendar days after the workspace was deleted, then deleted.

All workspaces except for the ones in the Testing environment are backed up. When restoring workspaces, the workspaces in the Production environment are restored first. After that, the workspaces in the Development environment are restored.

Removing and Restoring Backups

Removing a specific workspace’s backup earlier or removing workspace backup packages for a certain period can be done per request and may be subject to a charge. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Restoring a workspace from its backup can be done per request. The process is manual and may take up to several days depending on the volume of restored data. Metadata can be restored independently of the full workspace backups.

For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager or GoodData Support.

Data Warehouse Data

The Data Warehouse clusters are backed up daily. In the unlikely event of service disruption or other network-wide failure, data is restored to the previous backup.

The purpose of Data Warehouse data backup is data recovery in case of a failure or data loss. GoodData does not provide on-demand data recovery. Whenever you upload data to Data Warehouse, consider keeping a copy of that data for backup purposes. You can manage your own backups through third-party tools. For information on how to create and manage data backups, see user documentation for the tool that you have chosen.