White-Label an Existing Domain

To white-label an existing domain, follow these steps:

  1. Select a URL for the white-labeled domain. For example:


    Having a domain hosted on a subdomain of another GoodData domain is not supported.

    For example, if your white-labeled domain is https://analytics.yourcompany.com, you cannot have another domain at https://dev.analytics.yourcompany.com.

  2. Select an administrator for the new domain (see Choose a Domain Administrator).

  3. Gather workspace IDs of the workspaces to migrate or the customer token for your current domain.

  4. Ask your domain administrator to set up a CNAME (see Set up a CNAME and Acquire a TLS Certificate).

  5. If you decided to manage TLS certificates yourself, ask a technical administrator at your company to generate a TLS certificate.

After you acquire the necessary information, follow these steps:

  1. Open a request to create the white-labeled domain with GoodData Support.  Include the following assets, which you gathered in the previous procedure, in this request:

    • URL for the white-labeled domain
    • Workspace IDs or customer token
    • Confirmation of CNAME creation
    • GoodData domain where you want to apply white labeling
    • (If you decided to manage TLS certificates yourself) Public and private components of the TLS certificate

    GoodData coordinates the rollout schedule with you and creates the white-labeled domain.

  2. Coordinate rollout of the white-labeled domain (see Coordinate Rollout).

  3. Customize the domain using the GoodData APIs (see Customize the White-Labeled Domain).

  4. (Optional) Configure the DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) email authentication method for outgoing emails (see Configure DKIM for Outgoing Email).