Frequently Asked Questions about White Labeling

Where is my workspace- and user-specific storage located after I migrate to a new white-labeled environment?

Workspace- and user-specific storage remains at For more information, see User Specific Data Storage and Workspace Specific Data Storage.

When I try to log in through the white-labeled URL, I get an error message “Incorrect username or password.” Why is this?

Your user account is probably not part of the white-labeled domain. Contact GoodData Support.

Why does the API for creating a workspace return the token error when I use it in a white-labeled domain?

The error says:

  "error": {
    "parameters": [],
    "requestId": "{request_id}",
    "component": "Projects",
    "errorClass": "GDC::Exception::NotFound",
    "message": "Invalid authorizationToken specified. For troubleshooting,
               please refer to the on-line documentation at

You used the wrong workspace authorization token. Use the workspace authorization token for the white-labeled domain.

When authenticating, my Java application returns a TLS certificate exception. How can I fix it?

The TLS certificate exception: hostname in certificate didn't match: !=

The problem is rooted in the Server Name Identification (SNI) technology used to map multiple TLS certificates to one public IP. To fix this issue, add the following HTTP header to all requests:


This header ensures that the domain and related hostname are not checked before a response is generated.

When I log in to my white-labeled domain, I get an error that says that my certificate has expired, that I am connecting to an unsecured site, or that my connection is not private. How can I fix it?

The TLS certificate associated with the white-labeled domain has expired. TLS certificates expire every few years.

  • If GoodData manages the TLS certificates for you, contact GoodData Support.
  • If you manage the TLS certificates yourself, set up a new certificate.
    1. Acquire a TLS certificate. For more information, see Set up a CNAME and Acquire a TLS Certificate. GoodData cannot acquire the certificate for you.
    2. Open a request with GoodData Support to deploy the new certificate. GoodData Support deploys the new certificate within 10 days.

My users do not get white-labeled emails sent from the platform. Why is that?

Your users may use the DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) email authentication method. Set up DKIM on your site. For more information, see Configure DKIM for Outgoing Email.