Default and Custom Domains

A GoodData domain is the domain and associated URL used to access the GoodData platform.

Before March 23, 2017, all customers and workspaces were kept in a single universal domain (the default domain; traditionally,, with the option of a customized white-labeled URL. The customers (including white-labeled customers) accessed the GoodData platform via the single login address at or the customized white-labeled URL.

On March 23, 2017, the concept of isolated custom domains was introduced that allows greater control over customer workspace access and user credentials.

Custom Domains

A custom domain offers you a unique domain name with the following pattern:


For example, if your company name is AcmeCorp and your GoodData domain is located in the European Union (see GoodData Datacenters), your domain URL will be:

Differences between the Default Domain and a Custom Domain

 Default DomainCustom Domain
CustomersCustomers who started using the GoodData platform before March 23, 2017, including white-labeled customers

Customers who joined GoodData after March 23, 2017, and customers who requested and successfully migrated to a custom domain after March 23, 2017

URL or a customized white-labeled URL


GoodSuccess access

Migration to a Custom Domain

To migrate to a custom domain, contact GoodData Support. With the migration to a custom domain, you will be provided with a new hostname, which can be customized upon request.

If you have a white-labeled URL to access the GoodData platform (for example, and request a change to a custom domain, you will still keep your white-labeled URL but you will have greater control over user access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything if I am using the default domain?

Nothing for now. GoodData will contact you when rolling out your new custom domains. If you want to request migration to a new custom domain now, contact GoodData Support.

Why would I want to migrate to a custom domain?

Having a custom domain allows you greater control over your users. Your users will be able to access different domains and workspaces on the GoodData platform with the same credentials.

What should I consider before migrating to a custom domain?

  • Import and export work in the same manner across domains as in a single domain (across datacenters).
  • All settings are persisted during domain migration.
  • All users and workspaces are migrated with the current settings. You will not lose set credentials or already created users.
  • All registrations (verified or not), invitations (accepted or not), and password reset requests (used or not) are deleted during domain migration. They must be re-sent in the new domain when the migration is completed.
  • Unfinished processes must be restarted when the migration is completed.
  • All APIs must get the new, migrated format when the migration is completed (for example, {domain_name}.{datacenter_region}
  • Cross-domain invitations are not supported.

How do I migrate to a custom domain?

Contact GoodData Support.

How can I work with WebDAV?

If you use user-specific storage (see User Specific Data Storage), change your username from {login} to {domain}\{login} where {domain} is the name of the custom domain.

For workspace-specific storage (see Workspace Specific Data Storage), the username stays the same ({workspace_id}@{login}).

How can I use WebDav and API from clients that do not support SNI?

Non-SNI clients

Use the X-GDC-HOST header besides the X-GDC-CHECK-DOMAIN header.

Non-SNI clients that use WebDAV

SNI support

To find out whether you support SNI, use any public SNI client test, for example,