Track Dashboard Usage with an External Tracking Tool

This article describes how you can track usage of your workspace’s dashboards with an external tracking tool (for example, Google Analytics).

To track the usage, you intercept certain actions so that your application can send events to your tracking tool.

This article describes how you can track the following dashboard-related events:

  • A user opens a dashboard or a dashboard tab.
  • A user sets or changes a dashboard filter.

For information about other events you can track, see Embedded Dashboard Events.


  1. Create a custom navigation menu pointing to individual tabs of the dashboards. Each dashboard tab has a URL in the following format:{workspace_id}&dashboard=/gdc/md/{workspace_id}/obj/{dashboard_id}&tab={tab_identifier}

    For example:
  2. Set up your tracking tool to track the events generated every time a user clicks the custom menu.

  3. Hide the default tab navigation menu with the nochrome parameter (see Hide the Header of an Embedded Dashboard).

  4. Use the application state event ‘Dashboard attribute and date filters changed’ to track changes in the dashboard filters (see Embedded Dashboard Events).