Embedding Parameters

You can embed a dashboard using an HTML iframe.

You can parametrize the source URL with the following parameters.

ParameterRequired?ValueDescriptionExample value
projectyesThe workspace URIThe workspace where the dashboard is located/gdc/projects/wwhd8rif9q18pqlqcsf1j69wfhsglcfz
dashboardyesThe dashboard URIThe dashboard to embed/gdc/md/wwhd8rif9q18pqlqcsf1j69wfhsglcfz/obj/1442
tabnoThe tab IDThe initial tab to displaya6d9bf0e1861
nochromenotrue/falseIf true, hide the header (tabs, print, and edit icons) – see Hide the Header of an Embedded Dashboardtrue
overridenoA comma-separated list of event namesSee Embedded Dashboard Events.ui.link

Embedding Code Format

The following is an example reference, using all of the above parameters:

<iframe frameborder="0" src="https://secure.gooddata.com/dashboard.html#project={project_uri}&dashboard={dashboard_uri}&tab={tab_id}&override={event1,event2,...,eventN}&nochrome=1" width="100%" height="380px" allowtransparency="false"></iframe>

Filtering an Embedded Dashboard via URL Parameters

Optionally, you can apply attribute filters to your embedded dashboards. These filters are referenced as URL parameters. See Filtering Embedded Dashboard via URL parameters.