Embed a Dashboard into Salesforce

You can embed a dashboard tab into a Salesforce® tab.

When Salesforce users open the tab that contains your dashboard, they must log in to the GoodData Portal first. Users can log in:

  • Automatically: You have deployed Single Sign On (SSO) for Salesforce. SSO allows you to access embedded dashboards without having to log in to the GoodData Portal.

  • Via the GoodData Portal login: SSO is not deployed.

Acquire this information from your Salesforce administrator.

For more information, see Configure Identity Provider with Salesforce and Analyzing Customer Data from Salesforce.


  1. While on the dashboard that you want to embed, click the Gear menu, and click Embed. The embedding dialog opens.
  2. Copy the dashboard URI: 
  3. Use this URI as the RelayState query parameter to your IdP-Initiated Login URL (you can find it in the Connected Apps details): 
  4. Go to your Salesforce.
  5. Click Setup -> Create -> Tabs -> Web tabs -> New.
  6. Select Tabs.
  7. Under Web Tabs, click New.
  8. Select the Full page width checkbox.
  9. Click Next.
  10. For the Display Properties, enter the appropriate information into all fields. You can leave the Content Frame Height at the default value.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Paste the URL IdP-Initiated Login URL with RelayState pointing to your dashboard, and click Next: 
  13. Specify the visibility of the new tab you are creating: 
  14. Click Next, and select the custom apps for which the new tab is available: 
  15. Click Save. Your dashboard is now embedded into Salesforce.