Deploy a Data Loading Process for a Data Pipeline Brick

Data pipeline bricks help you perform specific tasks within the scope of the data preparation and distribution pipeline. Depending on the type, a data pipeline brick can download data from a data source, transform the data, or upload it to Data Warehouse for further distributing to workspaces.

For more information, see Data Preparation and Distribution Pipeline and Brick Reference.


  1. From the Data Integration Console (see Accessing Data Integration Console), click Workspaces.

  2. Click the name of the workspace where you want to deploy a data pipeline brick.

  3. Click Deploy Process. The deployment dialog opens.

  4. From the Component dropdown, select the brick (downloader, executor, integrator, or utility) that you want to deploy.

  5. Fill in the fields to provide required information, such as path the configuration file and S3 properties.

  6. Enter the name of the process. The alias will be automatically generated from the name. You can update it, if needed.

  7. Click Deploy. The process is deployed.

You can now schedule the deployed data loading process (see Schedule a Data Loading Process).