Users of Data Integration Console

Use the Data Integration Console to manage many processes and schedules for the following types of users:

  • ETL Developer. During the implementation of ETL projects, developers can use the console for troubleshooting issues with process execution and monitoring performance of execution runs. Additionally, developers can set up notifications for other members of the implementation team, so that they are informed of the status of data in the workspaces under development.
  • API¬†Developer. Through GoodData APIs, developers can access Data Integration Console functionality to manage data population and maintenance of one or more workspaces.
  • System administrator. After the workspace has been migrated to maintenance and support, the console provides on-going information about scheduled executions of ETL, either through the console or configured notifications. As the volume and number of ETL processes changes, administrators can adjust schedules so that ETL is processed smoothly. As needed, scheduled processes can be stopped, disabled, deleted, or executed on an ad-hoc basis.