Data Integration Console Workspace Screen

In the Workspaces screen of the Data Integration Console, you can review all of the workspaces to which you have access.

  • Click Workspaces in the menu bar.

    You can only modify workspaces for which you are an administrator. 

  • To search your available workspaces, enter a workspace identifier or a search string for the workspace name in the textbox.

  • To filter the list of workspaces based on the results of last execution of the process, make a selection from the drop-down above of the table.

  • To the left of the name of each workspace, you can review the results of the most recently scheduled process. A green checkmark indicates a successful execution.

  • To review the details of a workspace’s processes, click the name of the workspace.

Bulk Operations

In the Workspaces screen, you can apply the same operation to multiple workspaces at the same time.

  • For more information on applying bulk operations to processes, see Data Integration Console Overview Screen.

  • To select all workspaces for which you are an administrator, click the checkbox next to the Deploy Process button.

  • You can also select one or more specific workspaces.

  • After you make your selections, click the button above the list of workspaces to apply the operation.