Enable Logging for the JDBC Driver

The JDBC driver supports an enhanced logging mechanism. The enhanced logging can help you troubleshoot issues, examine performance, or audit the driver usage.

To enable the logging, choose one of the following methods:

  • Add the JDBC driver logging property, and set it to the path where the log will be written: log.path=/path/to/write/log Example:  log.path=/tmp/jdbc.log   
  • Add the log path to the connection string (see Prepare the JDBC Connection String) as a parameter: jdbc:gdc:datawarehouse://hostname:port/gdc/datawarehouse/instances/dw_instance_id?log.path=/path/to/write/log Example: jdbc:gdc:datawarehouse://secure.gooddata.com/gdc/datawarehouse/instances/abc123def456?log.path=/tmp/jdbc.log