Loading Data to Data Warehouse Staging Tables through CloudConnect

Using a separate DbExecute component, you can use the COPY LOCAL command to populate your staging tables with data from a locally referenced file.

In the following example, you create a DbExecute instance to load the staging table for in_opportunities from the local file opportunities.csv.


  1. In the graph, add a DBExecute component.

  2. Edit the component in the following way: 

    • DB Connection: select the connection that you created

    • SQL query: Specify at least two commands in the following order, separated by a semicolon:

      • The TRUNCATE command to ensure that the staging table is empty before copying into the table
      • The COPY LOCAL commands to copy from the local source file (opportunities.csv in this case) to the staging table
      TRUNCATE in_opportunities;COPY in_opportunities  (id, name, created, 
      closed, stage, is_closed, is_won, amount, last_modified)  FROM LOCAL 
      '${DATA_SOURCE_DIR}/opportunities.csv'   SKIP 1  ABORT ON ERROR
    • Print statements: true

    • Transaction set: All statements

     Your DBExecute component looks like the following: 


  3. Save your graph.