Exporting Data from Data Warehouse using CloudConnect

To export data from Data Warehouse using CloudConnect, deploy the DBInputTable component to extract data from your production tables. You can connect this component to a Writer component to store the data in its new destination. Typically, this component is the GD Dataset Writer component, which writes the data to a specified GoodData project.


  1. Add the DBInputTable component.
  2. Edit it in the following way: 
    • DB Connection: select the connection that you created.

    • SQL query: specify the SELECT command to retrieve the data from the production table. In the SQL Query Editor, map the fields in the query to the output metadata fields for consumption by the next component in the graph.

    • Data policy: Strict (recommended)

    • Print statements: false

  3. Click OK. The data that is extracted is mapped to the metadata of the DBInputTable component.
  4. Add a GD Dataset Writer component.
  5. Create an edge between the two components.
  6. In the GD Dataset Writer component, specify the GoodData project identifier, the target dataset, and the field mappings from DBInputTable metadata to dataset fields.
  7. Save your graph.

Your graph should look like this: