GdcCsvParser Options

GdcCsvParser accepts the following parameters:

Parameter NameTypeDefaultDefinition
ENCLOSED BYsingle character"A character used to quote individual columns. Can be any character, but typically is a single or double quotation mark.
ESCAPEsingle character\A character used to escape special characters in quoted columns. If a column is not quoted, is interpreted as a regular (non-special) character and does not escape special characters.
RECORD TERMINATORsingle character\nA character ending a row. If found inside a quoted column value, is interpreted as a regular (non-special) character.
DELIMITERsingle character,A character ending a column. If found inside a quoted column value, is interpreted as a regular (non-special) character.
NULLstringempty string

A string marking a column value as NULL. Can be specified globally and per column. When specified per column, overrides the global setting for the corresponding column.

NOTE: A quoted column of a string type (CHAR, VARCHAR) can never be NULL.

SKIPinteger0The number of rows at the beginning of a data file to be skipped. Typically, is set to 0 (skip none) or 1 (skip the header).
FORMATstringempty string

The format of a column of date/time types. If not specified, the parser tries to extract as much meaningful data from the value as possible. For more information, see the Vertica online documentation.

TRAILING NULLCOLSBooleanfalseSpecifies whether to convert missing columns at the end of a line to NULL (true) or reject them (false; default). If set to true and NULL is not allowed, an error is thrown.

For information about other Data Warehouse parsers, see Choose a Data Warehouse Parser.