Choose a Data Warehouse Parser

When choosing a Vertica parser for uploading data to Data Warehouse, consider the following recommendations:

Recommended for use: Native parser (no parser specified in COPY)

  • Advantages: Fast (uses parallel parsing); can be used for updating ETL
  • Disadvantages: Has a parsing limitation when an escape character cannot be the same as a quoting character (enclosed by), which is required by the RFC compliant CSV format

Only use when the native parser cannot be used: GdcCsvParser (for an example of how to use it, see Use RFC 4180 Compliant CSV Files for Upload)

  • Advantages: Is able to override the parsing limitation of the native parser, that is, an escape character can be the same as a quoting character (enclosed by)
  • Disadvantages: Significantly slower than the native parser (uses serial parsing); cannot be used for updating ETL