Using OAuth 1.0a with REST Connector

We are improving our set of connectors so we are adding OAuth 1.0a support. To help you with setting this up, we provide you step by step guide on this feature.

Here is the use case: You need to extract data from SaaS application that uses OAuth 1.0a as an authentication method to its API. For this purpose, you can use our REST connector CloudConnect component. Now, double click on the component and on the first line, you see Authentication method click on the details and select OAuth 1.0a from the drop down menu. See the screenshot below:

The information that you have to fill in are:

  • Consumer key
  • Consumer secret
  • Access token
  • Access token secret

Learn more in the following steps - how to get all these four keys for accessing Twitter API.

  1. Go to the and click on Create new Twitter app on the top right corner: 
2. Fill in necessary details to create new Twitter App. Name, Description and Website are required: 
3. Get Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. See the screenshot below: 
4. Create your Access Token and Access Token Secret. Simply click on the button down on the page: 
5. Now, you have all four keys that you will need to create authenticated API calls using OAuth 1.0. See the screenshot below: 

The final step is to copy and paste all these four keys to the CloudConnect component. This is the example for Twitter App. Anyway for other application there will be a similar process. The principle is still the same. Extracting the Customer key and Customer secret and with these two keys, get access token and access secret.