How to Obtain Facebook OAuth Token for GoodData Integration

To integrate your GoodData project with the Facebook API, you must configure GoodData to use the OAuth authentication required by Facebook.


For purposes of this tutorial, suppose there are two distinct personas: your ETL developer and your Facebook user:

  • The ETL developer is responsible for populating the GoodData project with data from the integration.
  • The Facebook user has access rights to the Facebook data.

The basic process is the following:

  1. The developer creates a Facebook app in Facebook. To do so, the developer follows the process of Facebook app review.
  2. The developer creates or gains access to the GoodData project that is to be integrated. He or she uses either the GoodData gray pages or the GoodData API to create a new token resource. A confirmation email is automatically sent to the Facebook user, who must confirm access permission.
  3. The Facebook user logs in to Facebook, clicks the link contained in the email and confirms the integration in the Facebook developers app, which sends the Facebook token to the GoodData token resource.
  4. The developer acquires the token from the token resource and applies it to Facebook reader component of the ETL graph.
  5. When the token is set to expire, the GoodData platform sends a notification email to the user. The token is updated in the GoodData API, and developer must update the Facebook connection in the ETL manually.


The following sections describe the workflow in greater detail.

Create Facebook App

Facebook set up a process for reviewing apps. For more details, see Facebook app review.

Create GoodData project

In GoodData, you must create a new project. If you have already created a project, you must acquire the internal ID for the project. In the image below, a new project is created in CloudConnect:

After your project is created, copy the project identifier to the clipboard.

Go to the following URL:{YOUR-PROJECT-ID}/dataload/download/facebook/tokens

Enter the App ID and App Secret from your Facebook developer app.

Confirm authentication

After you finish this task, an email by the GoodData platform is generated and delivered to the specified email address you specified in the gray pages.

The Facebook user must click the email link to confirm the authentication. The authentication process may require confirmation of access to personal information and to page data.

After confirmation, you are redirected to GoodData where you can see the message regarding your successful authentication:

Acquire generated Facebook token

Go to the page where you’ve created the new Facebook Token:{PROJECT-ID}/dataload/download/facebook/tokens

Select the new Facebook token that you’ve created:{PROJECT-ID}/dataload/download/facebook/tokens/{TOKEN-ID}

Acquire the Facebook long-live token from this resource.:

Configure Facebook authentication in CloudConnect

Copy the long-live token (token value) to the clipboard.

In CloudConnect, apply this long-live token to the Facebook Connection configuration. From the CloudConnect menu, select New Connection > Facebook Connection. Paste it in following dialog in CloudConnect:

Remember that you can automate the majority of this process using the APIs.