To set up your tutorial project in CloudConnect Designer, complete the following steps.

1. Obtain the authorization token.

To be able to create a project in CloudConnect, you need an authorization token.

2. Download and install CloudConnect.

  1. Download CloudConnect from the Downloads page at

  2. Install CloudConnect on your machine.

3. Start CloudConnect.

After you have installed CloudConnect, start the application.

On initial start, you have to specify a workspace. In CloudConnect, a workspace is the location where you store your projects. You can have multiple workspaces. For now, feel free to accept the default location.

On initial startup, sign in with your GoodData credentials. If you do not have a GoodData account, click Create New Account to register.

After creating a new account or logging in to GoodData, you are prompted to create a new GoodData project. Click Cancel.

You should now see a screen similar to the following in CloudConnect:

4. Download the demo project.

Download the demo project:

This project includes a pre-built data model and ETL graph.

5. Import the demo project into CloudConnect.

  1. In the CloudConnect menu, select File > Import….
  2. In the Select window, open the CloudConnect category, and click Import external CloudConnect projects.
  3. Click Next.
  4. In the Import Projects window, click the Select archive file option button, and click Browse….
  5. Navigate your local directories to select the ZIP file you downloaded. Click Open
  6. Click Finish. The imported files appear in the project.
  7. In the Navigation section, click the arrows next to the ‘graph’ and ‘model’ folders to open the current ETL graph and logical data model files.