Reporting M-N Metrics by Other Tags

This article builds on what you learn from Reporting M-N Metrics by Tag - you created a report showing the number of tickets filtered by a specific attribute value (Ticket Tag=customer). This article shows you how to extend that report to show all of the other tags that are associated with the filtered tickets.


  1. Create a new empty report.
  2. Add the numeric filter for # Tickets w/Customer:  
  3. Add the # Tickets metric to the What pane of the report. The report now shows simply the number of tickets with Ticket Tag=customer.
  4. To the How pane, slice the report by the Ticket Tag attribute.
  5. The report now displays the count of all tickets that contain the customer tag, broken down by the other tags that are present in the ticket. Your report should look like the following: 
  6. Sorting the report in descending order by the count shows customer issues that may have significantly wider impact or correlation with other types of issues.