Publish a Copy of Your LDM to Multiple Projects in CloudConnect

If you anticipate needing to change the LDM for a destination project, export the LDM from the source CloudConnect project, import it into in a destination CloudConnect project, apply your changes, and the publish the LDM to the destination GoodData project.


  1. In CloudConnect Designer, save your LDM file if it contains any unsaved changes. This step also automatically validates the LDM.

  2. In the Project Explorer, secondary-click the LDM filename and select Export…. See Exporting Your Logical Data Model in CloudConnect.

  3. In the Export window, open the General folder. Select File System. Click Next.

  4. Click Browse…. Navigate your local directory to select the appropriate location to save the file.

  5. To save the file in the selected location, click Finish.

  6. Select a destination project:

    • To open an existing project, open the project in the Project Explorer tab. Select the model folder.
    • To create a new project, select File > CloudConnect Project. Select the location of the project in your local environment.
  7. To import into the destination CloudConnect project, secondary-click the model folder and select Import…. Navigate your local environment and select the LDM file to import. The LDM is imported into the destination CloudConnect project.

  8. When the LDM has been imported, validate it in the new project.

  9. Make any necessary changes to your project. See Working with LDM Objects in CloudConnect.

  10. Validate your logical data model. See Validating Your Data Model in CloudConnect.

  11. To save the data model, select File > Save.

  12. To publish the project, click Publish model to server.

  13. Review the impact of changes. To publish, click OK.

  14. Repeat the workflow for additional projects using versions of the LDM.