Changing the Working CloudConnect Project

During development and publication, you may need to change the working project for your CloudConnect project.

In CloudConnect Designer, the working project defines the GoodData project to which the ETL graphs of the current CloudConnect project are published by default. The working project does not apply to developing logical data models. Each time that you publish an LDM, you select a different GoodData project to which you publish it.


  1. In CloudConnect, open the CloudConnect project for which you want to change the working project.
  2. Click the Server Explorer tab in the left-hand pane.
  3. From the list of GoodData projects to which you have Admin access, select the project to which you want to assign as the working project.
  4. Secondary-click the project name. Then, select Set as Working Project. The CloudConnect project is associated with the selected GoodData project. All subsequent publications of the ETL graphs target the newly selected project.