Force Publishing an LDM in CloudConnect

CloudConnect Designer prevents you from publishing your logical data model when the changes in it affect any metrics and reports in the project to which you are publishing.

The Force Publishing option enables you to force the publication of your changes into the currently selected project. Dependencies are resolved so that the logical data model is valid for the project, which can have significant impacts on the project.

Internally, the MAQL DDL script that applies the changes to your logical data model includes a CASCADE option, which causes all required changes to cascade throughout the project.


  1. Review the technical details of the changes you are publishing. The Technical Details window displays only the first level of required deletions in the project.
  2. To force publish your model, click Force publishing.  
  3. In the dialog, enter the display name of the GoodData project to which you are publishing these changes. This option prevents accidental overwriting of a project to which you did not intend to publish these changes.
  4. Click Force publishing. The model is published to the project, and any affected metrics and reports are removed from the project.

Technical Details of Force Publishing

Before you force publication of your changes, review the Technical Details log to check the potential impacts of the publishing operation on the project.