Managing LDM Dependencies in CloudConnect

When you remove a fact or attribute from your logical data model and then attempt to re-publish it to a project that is already using it, CloudConnect checks the GoodData project to see if the removed object is referenced in any metric, report, or dashboard.

If the object is referenced, a warning dialog similar to the following is displayed:

When the warning dialog is displayed, you have the following options for resolving the conflicts:

  1. Make manual changes  You can choose to return to the project and relocate the attributes and facts to a “Trash” dataset, which preserves the objects without causing any deletions.  See Removing Attributes and Facts from Your LDM in CloudConnect.
  2. Perform force publishing You can also choose to force publication of the logical data model into the project, which causes the cascading deletion of metrics and reports, which reference the removed attributes and facts. If those objects are removed and other objects reference them, then the secondary objects are also removed. This deletion cascades throughout the project. It does not affect dashboards.  For more information, see Force Publishing an LDM in CloudConnect.