Building Relations between Objects in CloudConnect

The Date object enables the aggregation of fact data at different levels of the date hierarchy. For purposes of our HR application, we need to be able to aggregate payments at this level, so the Pay Date dataset needs to be applied to the Payments dataset. To enable this aggregation, you connect the two objects using a relation.

For more information on relations, see Data Model Object Types in CloudConnect Modeler.


  1. Deselect all objects in the Model Editor pane.

  2. Hover the mouse over the Date. A short arrow appears out the side of the object.

  3. Click and drag the arrow until it connects to any edge of the Payments dataset. The relation is created.

  4. Your dataset should now look like the following:


  1. Notice how the Pay Date dataset has been added among the list of references in the Payments dataset. Save your model without publishing it to the server.