LDM Naming Conventions

The data model you create in the LDM Modeler provides the blueprint to the underlying datamart for users of your project. Report editors select your data model objects by name in the Report Editor or Custom Metric Editor. Dashboard users may see these items in the reports that you publish to dashboards. Consider carefully the names you assign these objects.

  • Use standard business terms to describe objects that your business users will understand.
  • Avoid inserting underscores in your names. Spaces are more appealing when displayed in the project.
  • Be specific in your naming of attributes and facts. Avoid ambiguities, such as naming a field tracking quantity as “Number.” Be as specific as possible.
  • Avoid using “Attribute”, “Dimension”, “Fact”, or “Dimension” in your names. These tags clutter your reports, and their meaning should be fairly intuitive.
  • For attributes used as connection points, add the suffix “ID” or “Code” to the name of the field to make it easy to distinguish.