CloudConnect Modeler Tabs Pane

In the Tabs pane at the bottom of the screen, you can access contextual information about the currently selected object and review status information on the project as a whole.

  • You can reorder the tabs by clicking and dragging them.
  • You can perform other reorganization tasks through the context menu accessible next to the bar of tabs at the top of the pane.
  • To minimize or maximize the display of the Tabs pane, click the controls in the upper-right corner of either window.

Problems Tab

In the Problems tab, you can review problems detected in your logical data model.

  • When the model is saved or when you choose to publish it to the platform, it is automatically validated. Issues are reported in the Problems tab.
  • To force validation of your logical data model, secondary-click the model filename in the Project Explorer tab. Then, select Validate….  

In the Problems tab, you can review the errors and warnings associated with your CloudConnect project. In this case, the reported errors pertain to the validation of the logical data model currently displayed in the Model Editor pane.

Due to technical issues with the underlying software platform, you may encounter discrepancies between the contents of the Problems tab and the errors reported when you publish your model to the server. To synchronize these messages, save your work and restart CloudConnect Designer and attempt to publish your model immediately.

Type of Error



Correct errors in your logical data model before publishing it to the GoodData Platform.


Warnings in your logical data model do not cause problems that cause your project to fail to load. However, these issues are likely to cause problems when the model is used to store data, and users begin interacting with the data through the model. Try to fix these items before publishing.