CloudConnect Project Structures

You use the CloudConnect platform to build and publish CloudConnect projects. These projects contain the ETL graphs and logical data model for your GoodData projects and are authored in the CloudConnect Designer and LDM Modeler components of CloudConnect, respectively.

The following diagram shows the relationships between the CloudConnect and GoodData Platforms, and how objects that you author in CloudConnect are published and integrated into the GoodData Platform.    

  • When you are finished building your CloudConnect project, associate it with a GoodData project and then publish it to that project for use. During publication, the MAQL DDL statements that are visible in the MAQL tab of the CloudConnect Designer are executed within the GoodData Platform to build the runtime version of the LDM.  
  • The final step of the MAQL DDL script is to synchronize the updated LDM with the physical data model. This step makes the necessary changes to the PDM to synchronize it with the updated version of the LDM, including the removal of any data and metadata that is in conflict with the changes.
  • When an ETL graph is published to the GoodData Platform, it must be associated with a schedule and possibly other graphs and their schedules into an entity called a process. Through a web interface, you can define the schedules for the ETL graphs that have been loaded into your GoodData projects. See Data Integration Console Reference.
  • Created through the GoodData Portal, GoodData projects contain the metrics, reports, and dashboards that rely on the data that is supplied based on the objects you define in your CloudConnect projects. These components are not represented in the above diagram.
  • For more information on terminology, see GoodData Glossary.