Share a Report

To export, print, or embed a report, or to add a report to your favorites, use the buttons at the bottom of the report’s configuration page.

Export a Report

You can export reports into various file formats. For detailed information, see Export Reports.

Print a Report

Click Print to print the active report.

Embed a Report

Click Embed to generate a code snippet that you can paste into the HTML of a third party webpage. You can customize the size of the embedded report, either using three presets (small, medium, large) or by defining a custom size (width x height in pixels). Use the Show Report Title & Toolbar checkbox to hide or display the hover-over options boxes and a report title that links to that report’s configuration page in the Report Editor.

You can also set URL parameter filters from the Embed dialog to filter for a particular attribute value within the embedded report without changing the report’s definition.

For details, see Embed Dashboards and Reports.