Working with Reports

This section contains information on how to work with reports.

Using the Reports page, you can create or modify reports in the workspace. The Report Editor enables creation of reports through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

To edit a report, click Reports, where you can select a report to edit, or click Create Report. See Creating New Reports in the Report Editor

In the Report Editor, you define your report in the following ways:

What tabAdd or create new metrics for your report. See What Pane - Adding Metrics to Reports.
How tabOptionally, you may select the attributes or attribute values to use to segment the metric data. See How Pane - Adding Attributes to Reports.
Filter tabApply filters to the report, based on attribute values, rank, value range, or workspace variable, as needed. See Filter Pane - Filtering within a Report.
ConfigurationChoose the type of report or chart, and apply additional configuration options in the Show Configuration panel.

Embedding Reports

  • When a report is complete, it should be added to a workspace dashboard for other users to use. See Creating New Reports in the Report Editor.
  • Individual reports may be embedded in third-party web applications using a snippet retrieved from the Report Editor.