Chart Sorting

You can apply sorting to bar charts, stacked bar charts, line charts, area charts, stacked area charts, and combo charts. Sorting options may vary depending on the type of chart that is being sorted. Sorting options are available under Chart Sorting in the Configuration pane in the Report Editor.


Sort Types

In the following bar chart example, brand names are sorted in A to Z (alphabetical) order.

  Numerical sorting (smallest first or largest first) organizes chart values according to the magnitude of metric values in the chart. The following example re-sorts the values from the original chart by the Sale Amount associated with each brand. 

Multiple Metrics

To apply numerical sorting when multiple metrics have been added to a report, you must select the metric whose values should be numerically sorted in the By dropdown:


Stacked Bar and Stacked Area Charts

Sorting can also be applied to stacked bar and stacked area charts when the stack is a result of a multi-metric series.

  In these cases, you can sort by the total value of all metrics within the series or by the magnitude of one of the metrics in the series.  ![Select TOTAL value of all metrics](/classic/files/en/107720968/107720970/1/1645609503471/Select+TOTAL+value+of+all+metrics.png "Select TOTAL value of all metrics")