KPI Dashboard FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why cannot I see the KPI dashboard in my workspace?

KPI dashboards are not available for the customers with fiscal calendars.

What user role should I have to use KPI dashboards?

All workspace users can view KPI dashboards and set up alerts on KPI changes (see Add an Alert to a KPI). Only workspace editors, explorers, and administrators can Set up a KPI Dashboard.

Whom are KPI dashboards shared with?

KPI dashboards are always visible to all workspace users. Any change you save is immediately visible to all workspace users.

How many KPI dashboards can I have in my workspace?

You can have any number of KPI dashboards in your workspace. We recommend to keep only the KPI dashboards that are relevant to your users.

Can I reorder KPI dashboards in the dashboard list?

No. The KPI dashboards are listed alphabetically.

Can I change the default date filter for a KPI dashboard?

Editors, explorers, and administrators can change the default date filter to a different period. The new value applies to the whole dashboard for all viewers.

Viewers can temporarily change the date filter. The new value also applies to the whole dashboard but visible only to the current viewer.

Why is the edit button not displayed on the KPI dashboard?

If you cannot edit a KPI dashboard:

  • You are not a workspace editor, explorer, or administrator.
  • The KPI dashboard is locked. Only workspace administrators can edit a locked KPI dashboard.
  • The width of your browser window is less than 1170px.

Can I export KPI dashboards to PDF?

Yes. You can export KPI Dashboards to PDF and schedule regular emails with the PDF attacheded.

For details, see Export KPI Dashboards and Schedule Automatic Emailing of KPI Dashboards.

Can I schedule a status update email?

No. Currently, KPI dashboards do not support sending regular emails with the status update.

For each KPI on a dashboard, you can set up email alerts to be notified when the KPI value reaches a certain threshold (see Add an Alert to a KPI).

How many KPIs and insights can I add to a KPI dashboard?

You can add as many insights as you want. We recommend to keep the number of KPIs and insights below 16 to avoid delays in report computation.

Why aren’t there any insights available for me to add to the KPI dashboard?

You do not have Analytical Designer enabled. If you want to enable Analytical Designer, contact GoodData Support.

How many alerts can I set for a KPI?

You can set up one alert for each KPI. To change the time period for your alert, remove the alert, set the date filter to the required period, and Add an Alert to a KPI for the KPI.

Can I set KPI alerts for other users?

No. You can set KPI alerts only for yourself.

Can I add alerts to insights?

No. You can add alerts only to KPIs.